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BOSTON LiberTEA PARTY - Dec. 16 - Durham, NC


The Triangle Ron Paul 2008 Meetup is hosting a BOSTON LiberTEA PARTY and inviting all Ron Paul supporters to bring your friends to this historic event as Ron Paul grassroots supporters nationwide plan to set a new fundraising record!!

In honor of the historic Boston Tea Party, this December 16th there will be a party in Durham, NC to raise awareness and funds for Congressman Ron Paul's presidential Campaign. We will be joining forces with thousands of other Ron Paul supporters for the largest one day political donation event in history. The Boston Tea Party is often referred to as the event that sparked the American Revolution. We can all be a part of it, and we can all do it here in the Triangle together as a group.

Our venue is the historic Durham Armory in resurgent Downtown Durham. We have a fantastic banquet hall with room for 500, so outreach into the community is going to be huge. Think of all the folks you know -- church, work, neighbors, and local political organizations... everyone loves liberty, and everyone benefits as we come together as Americans to celebrate our magnificent diversity.

We're focusing this event on recognizing our local community volunteers and activists who are showing the power of committed individuals and groups to create positive social change. We don't need to delegate making the world a better place to a strong central government, and in fact, we can't! Check out the Web site for more information:

All ideas and suggestions are welcome in the messageboard (, and we look forward to an evening with our fellow Sons and Daughters of Liberty!

Visit the Triangle Ron Paul 2008 Meetup here!! (
Durham Armory
220 Foster Street · Durham, NC
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