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Tax Day Tea Party - Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo

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Kathy M.
Tax Day Tea Party - Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo


1:00 - 7:00pm at Hillsdale Mall:

The "Conservative Republicans" group is coordinating this event, believe it or not! Does that really mean what I think it means, that the masses are finally waking up? I think it does. Let's be there by their sides to support them. Let's demonstrate to the old school conservative Republicans all of the ideals we have in common. Let them hear how much we think and talk alike. Let's help them to feel comfortable with those of us who stretched their minds a bit too far at first, but now they're joining us!

Here's a partial list of signs the Conservative Republicans will be carrying; see how much they've adopted Ron Paul-ish slogans.

"Revolution is Brewing"
"Independence, not Dependence"
"What would the Founding Fathers Do?"
"Restore the Republic, Revolt against Socialism"
"Silent Majority no more"
"Free Markets, Not Free Loaders"
"Read the Constitution"
"Our Congress is a Toxic Asset"
"Samuel Adams would be proud"
"Our Founding Fathers had Original Ideas, Not Teleprompters"
"the change in my 401k is not what I was hoping for"
"no recovery without revolt"

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Hillsdale Shopping Center
31st Street and El Camino · San Mateo, CA
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